A Russian ship with grain stolen from Ukraine docked in Syria

A Russian cargo ship that Ukraine claims is carrying wheat stolen from territory seized by Moscow has arrived at the Syrian port of Tartus. Assad is helping Putin especially in the Mediterranean which hosts Russian warships and grain silos

The arrival of the Russian ship “Konstantin” (SV Konstantin) in Syria marks the last shipment of Ukrainian grain – whether it was purchased legally or whether it was allegedly looted and reached Syria. Another vessel, recently docked full of Ukrainian corn purchased legally as part of a UN-led effort to get the country’s food out of the war zone and into a world of hunger.

Constantine’s arrival in Syria shows how much Russia trusts Assad, Assad owes a lot to Putin who protected him and helped him win the Syrian civil war. Assad is helping Putin especially in the Mediterranean which hosts Russian warships and grain silos.

The ship Constantine departed from the Russian-occupied Crimea peninsula in the Black Sea around July 6. The ship loaded Ukrainian wheat in Sevastopol, the Ukrainian embassy in Lebanon said in a statement to the Associated Press on Thursday. Ukraine’s embassy in Lebanon similarly said on Thursday that it believed the Constantine would arrive in Syria after earlier claiming the ship was on its way to Tripoli, Lebanon.

“On board this ship is grain that was illegally looted and transported by the Russian occupation authorities from the storage facilities located in the temporarily occupied territories in Zaporizhzhia, Kherson and Mykolaiv,” the embassy said. It was not possible to obtain the reaction of officials at the port of Tartus. The Syrian delegation to the UN did not respond to a request for comment from the New York Post.


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