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Al-Marsad newspaper: The Russian specialist, doctor, Mikhail Lebedev, revealed the best foods to stimulate memory.

He said that by adding 5 foods to the diet, memory, concentration and general health can be improved.

He continued, “The first thing that should be added to the diet is green leafy vegetables: lettuce, spinach, mint, and others, as these vegetables contain B vitamins, vitamin K, provitamin A, and folic acid.”

fish fatty

And he pointed out that it is necessary to include fatty fish in the diet so that it contains omega-3 fats and essential fatty acids that prevent the development of atherosclerosis and a moderate amount of fish, such as salmon or pink salmon in the diet, helps to slow down age-related mental decline.


And he added, “The berries are rich in natural plant pigments that help improve brain activity and improve intellectual performance by increasing blood circulation, accelerating oxygen delivery to the brain, and protecting blood vessels.”

tea And coffee

The specialist pointed out that: “It is also important to include tea and coffee in the diet, as these drinks can increase the person’s ability to improve the activity of the mind.”

He added: “Nuts are a source of protein, fat, fiber and many minerals necessary for the full functioning of the brain.”


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