A sculpture in memory of Diego Armando Maradona arrives from Argentina to Naples

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twelve o’clock, April 9, 2021 – 11:03 am

in wrought iron, it depicts the champion’s face and was created by Alejandro Marmo

of Gabriele Bojano

A stylized and wrought iron sculpture in homage to Diego Armando Maradona will soon be installed in Naples. He wrote it in recent days on Clarin, one of the two major Argentine newspapers, taking up an anticipation of Roberto Carls, Argentine ambassador to Italy. The author of the work is the well-known artist Alejandro Marmo, son of a Salerno-born, originally from San Rufo, who emigrated to Argentina. It is no coincidence that Marmo himself donated a work, also in wrought iron, entitled theHug and two works that he donated to his compatriot Pope Francis four meters high: the Christ of the poorie la Madonna of Lujan. In addition, the drawing depicting the embrace was used by Mondadori as the cover of Pope Francis’ book My idea of ​​art.

The other works already completed

The news of the sculpture for Diego was given by Carls on the occasion of the ceremony for Argentine citizenship to Diego Armando Maradona junior at the Argentine Consulate General in Rome in the presence of the same son of the champion: On this very special day – these are the words of Carls – I want to announce that we will install a sculpture by the Argentine artist Alejandro Marmo in Naples in homage to Diego. The initiative of the Argentine embassy in Italy and of the sculptor himself, with the support of several mayors of cities in Argentina. The work of Marmo is not the first made in honor of the Argentine champion: there are at least two others waiting to be placed, the one in clay by Francesco Cretella which depicts him during the network with his hand at the 1986 World Cup and the other by Domenico Sepe, in bronze, life size. Finally, it should also be remembered that the Municipality of Naples published an expression of interest in January, through which the administration intends to collect design proposals for the construction of a sculpture in memory of Diego Armando Maradona to be placed near the stadium. The work – reads the announcement – will be financed with crowdfunding, through a current account made available to the municipal administration, on which everyone can pay their share, so that once the statue is built it belongs forever to the people. Neapolitan.

April 9, 2021 | 11:03

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