A seagull steals 18 bags of chips from a store

The pioneers of the communication sites circulated a funny and funny video showing a seagull wandering in a store to steal bags of potato chips, before taking his snack to eat outside, and the footage shows the bird making a series of raids on the store.

According to store employees, who named the feathered thief Stephen, he would come to the store all week and help himself with snacks whenever he felt upset, and the bird made three trips to get multiple meals of chips, meaning he ate up to 18 bags of meals light in one day.

The video shows the flying Stephen confidently entering the store and heading straight for the potato chip rack, then trying to take out a bag of chips and after one failed attempt, Stephen manages to free a large group and rushes towards the door, a female employee in the store tries to chase him, and then summons her colleague while he was Stephen is sitting in the parking lot, eating his third salty snack of the day.


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