a serious lack of staff

a serious lack of staff

2023-06-09 06:35:34

Bonuses of €1,000, gourmet dinners offered, training to address young people on the Instagram and TikTok social networks… Hotel and restaurant professionals are ready to do anything to recruit staff, especially when approaching of summer. It must be said that the needs are gigantic: “We estimate the number of vacancies at nearly 280,000, half of which are seasonal,” says Vincent Sitz, president of the employment commission within the Groupement des hôtelleries et restaurations de France.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, establishments were already short of arms. But the situation got worse. “There are people who have enjoyed receiving money without having to work during the health crisis, says Franck Chaumes, president of the catering branch of the Union of Trades and Industries of the Hotel Industry. We are having a hard time getting over it. What is serious is that the French catering industry is so short of employees that it is moving towards “take-out” because we no longer have the means to provide service in our establishments. »

He himself lacks four people in his restaurants in Bordeaux and Arcachon. In this second location, it will have to close one day a week this summer, “something inconceivable a few years ago”. Everywhere, hoteliers and restaurateurs are tinkering. The former are closing rooms; the latter remove tables, give up a second service, close one day a week… In the eyes of professionals, solutions do exist, however. For Alain Fontaine, president of the French Association of Master Restorers, “We no longer interest anyone below €1,800 net per month, that’s the minimum for recruiting, and we shouldn’t hesitate to go up if we can…”.

Franck Chaumes announces the implementation of a digital application to recruit more easily. For his part, Vincent Sitz calls for “a management revolution. You can no longer work in a military way if you want to be the envy. We must also hear requests from employees who need time to take care of their children. They don’t have to decide everything, but we have to listen to them more. » A new communication campaign on job diversity was launched last year. There is urgency: 96% of French people consider the professions in the sector “difficult”. And according to Pôle emploi, the most sought-after profession in France is a coffee waiter/waitress (1).

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