A shoe anthem for 1. FC Union Berlin

Berlin / HerzogenaurachYou really can’t say that Adidas doesn’t care about its customers in the capital. In 2018, the sports giant brought out a BVG sneaker, decorated with that camouflage-like train seat pattern that only hurts the eyes of Berlin visitors – but creates a cozy, warm feeling of home in real Berlin residents. Three years later, however, even the most beautiful public transport shoes are worn out. So Adidas is now enclosing the capital’s feet with another icon. Admittedly, the “ZX 8000 Union Berlin” hardly looks any different from the other retro kicks in the ZX line. From a conceptual point of view, however, the limited edition is still quite sophisticated.


Even those who don’t like football are allowed to wear: The limited edition just looks like a good retro shoe.

Sure, the design in the red-white-yellow club colors is practically mandatory. The green details as a reference to the An der Alten Försterei stadium are easy to imagine. But that the “lace jewels” – the reversible metal plates that can be threaded into the laces with the Adidas logo on one side and the Union logo on the other – are made of “real iron forged in southeast Berlin”, like the brand reports, that’s at least one charming anecdote. A reflective Union lettering on the heel, a logo on the red tongue, a limitation of 1966 pieces, which numerically corresponds to the year the club was founded – that should please football fans.

It is no coincidence that the Adidas sneaker costs 125.55 euros

Anyone interested in the next Adidas store – possibly in worn out BVG sneakers – still doesn’t need to run. Instead, they should register for the drop using the Adidas app by Tuesday, April 20. The raffle and notification of the 1966 winners will follow on Wednesday. Is it allowed to wear the “ZX 8000 Union Berlin” when you have nothing to do with football, or usually even – in shock – cheering on the other, blue and white Berlin team? Is probably a question of your own conscience. In any case, it is not a question of the wallet: With a price of 125.55 euros, the limited edition is quite affordable.

Union fans noticed it straight away – the price corresponds to the postcode of the stadium An der Alten Försterei. That much detail has to be likely. And speaking of the price: The Union shoe can definitely be viewed as an investment. The BVG sneaker also brought 4370 euros on Ebay at the time.

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