A snake only a foot long; Rare find on Amazon. Surprised researchers

A snake only a foot long;  Rare find on Amazon.  Surprised researchers

Reptiles that include snakes are one of the most important species in the world. Snakes are rare among reptiles that are legless but have a backbone. But researchers have already explained that snakes used to have legs and then they gradually disappeared. Researchers have found evidence that a group of snakes that are alive today also had legs in the past.

Researchers identified this evidence in a new species of snake discovered in South America. Bos are a species of dwarf snake found in South America. The newly discovered snake also belongs to this group of snakes known as Dwarf Bo. Dwarf boa snakes, scientifically known as Tropidophilidae, are found in the region from Mexico to Brazil and the West Indies.

A mountain snake only one foot long

Researchers have discovered a new species of snake from the Amazon region of Ecuador. Barely a foot long, these baby snakes are not only a new species of snake, but also lead researchers to a change in evolutionary direction. This is because these snakes have a bone similar to the pelvis in the area where the tail begins. Although it looks very small, this bone, which is only found in legged creatures, is the first to be found in snakes belonging to the Boa family.

The discovery lends great weight to the scientific explanation that snakes lost their legs over millions of years of evolution and began crawling. In addition to the boa, researchers have also found a hip bone and some other bones that show that some pythons had legs before.

The new snake species is considered to be the sixth species of dwarf boa. The creature was found in the Colonzo Chalupas National Wildlife Park, which includes the Amazon river basin and rainforest. Apart from this, the researchers also found a similar species in Sumac Kawase National Park. Yane Muñoz, head of Ecuador’s Department of Biodiversity, described the new boa snake species as the preserve of an era.


The name given by the researchers is Tropidophidae Kakuango. The first part of the name represents the genus Boa in general. The second part, Kakwangowe, was used to represent a famous environmental activist in South America. A woman named Dolores Cacuango was also a human rights activist and social leader who had a significant impact on the history of Ecuador.

English Summary: New Species Of Dwarf Boa With Remnants Found In Ecuadorian Amazon


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