“A soldier from my country ordered the massacre, it is a profound fault” – Corriere.it

“Today it is particularly touching for me to be here as a European of German nationality. It was a German soldier who ordered your parents and grandparents to be killed. It is a profound fault in the history of my country ». Thus Ursula von der Leyen, president of the EU Commission, at the Camp of Fossoli, in front of the relatives of the 67 political inmates murdered by the SS 77 years ago.

Tribute to the Resistance

The resistance of those who opposed Nazi-fascism “helped save Italy and all of Europe. Including my country, Germany ». At these words the audience applauds and stands up. In the audience also many relatives of the victims. “The Resistance has given us back our freedom, Italians like the Germans. I know I owe my own freedom to people like your parents and grandparents. So today I want to honor the memory of all those who fought for our liberation. It is also thanks to their sacrifice that a finally peaceful and democratic Europe was born. Fossoli’s prisoners have never stopped dreaming of a better future. And the name of this future was Europe ».

Imperfect Europe

The president of the EU Commission, speaking at the commemoration of the massacre of Cibeno of 12 July 1944, alongside the president of the European Parliament David Sassoli also talks about Europe: «Our Union is far from perfect. And every day we must ask ourselves if we are faithful to the founding values ​​of Europe. And we must act, if this is not the case. As Europeans, we cannot accept that European Jews do not feel safe in their homes and synagogues ”. Another passage marked by applause from the audience: «We cannot tolerate the fact that the free press and universities are under attack. We cannot accept discrimination, against people of color, LGBTIQ people and all sorts of discrimination. If we want to be faithful to the values ​​that inspired your fathers and grandparents, the heroes of the Resistance, then we must make those values ​​present also ».

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