A “specialist” warns of a famous plant.. and reveals when turmeric, anise and sage are dangerous to humans • Al Marsad Newspaper

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Al-Marsad Newspaper: Herbal specialist Dr. Khaled Al-Tayeb warned against a famous plant, revealing when turmeric, sage, fennel and anise are dangerous to health.


He said during an interview with the program “From .. to” broadcast on mbc channel that it is necessary to know the uses of herbs and their side effects, and who takes them and who should not take them. Pointing out that there are many studies that show this.

Plant deadly

And he continued: “Some people say that herbs, if they do not work, will not harm, but this is not true, because they may harm and lead to serious complications,” pointing out that someone promoted bitter melon and that it is useful for the colon, and I replied to him, I said: “It is forbidden for you, Sheikh, to slaughter people. This is his plant.” Poisonous, suitable for animals, but poisoning humans, leading to fatal diarrhea and death, pointing out that the pulp of bitter melon is used for diabetes, but not the whole fruit.

turmeric Walianson

He added: It is necessary to know the plant in all respects and determine the degree of its toxicity and the medical part of it. Turmeric, for example, is widely used in seasoning food. For the estrogen hormone, as well as sage, fennel and anise.

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