“A Strange World”: Disney’s heartwarming adventure is fun and full of creativity

Film review: “Strange World” is an animated film that is spectacular for the eyes, funny and heartwarming, what is known as Disney in its full creativity, with an original story at its best in the background


The Disney animation studios have had successful projects in recent years, which have added to the long-standing legacy of depicting stories and legends. movies likeEncanto” – which celebrated Colombian culture in a magical landscape and “Rhea and the last dragon” – who dealt with different cultures and mythology of Southeast Asia. They all continue to promote Mouse Studios’ approach to creating diverse stories. Don Hall and-Nguyen lines teaming up again to continue this path of original animation, after their collaboration on “Rhea and the last dragon“. in the movie “strange world“, the duo brings to life a huge adventure suitable for the whole family, the right animation is spectacular, funny and heartwarming.

The action-packed adventure and humor of “strange world” introduces a mythological family of explorers – the Clydes. Jake Gyllenhaal Voices Searcher Clyde – a former explorer turned brilliant farmer who enjoys spending time with his family. His 16-year-old son, Eitan (voiced by Jabuki Young-White) who yearns for adventure, but doesn’t want to disappoint his father. Completing the small family is Meridian dubbed by Gabriel Union, a talented pilot and the strong mother of the Clyde family. When the Seercher’s plant-based power source begins to weaken, the Clyde family must race against the clock and venture into uncharted territory with Abalone’s president, Callisto Mal (voiced by Lucy Liu) to understand what is causing the trouble. In doing so, they are dragged into the unknown – a mysterious world full of surprises that will change their lives forever.

strange world” contains everything that the audience likes to experience in animated films: it is original, it has outstanding animation and the film has a heartwarming plot that everyone can relate to. At its core, the film is about sons and fathers, heritage and adulthood, and that everyone can decide what kind of person they want to be. Through the three generations of Clydes – Searcher – the strong farmer, Eitan – the emotionally torn boy, and Jigger (Dennis Quaid) – the legendary researcher who disappeared 25 years ago – the script beautifully captures the importance of fatherhood. Often, there’s a struggle between setting a path for the kids and letting them decide for themselves, and the script’s focus on that element really encapsulates how heritage often gets in the way of reality and expectations.

Nguyen’s script is not only grounded in reality when it comes to exploring the relationships between three generations of family members, but it’s also incredibly smart and funny at every turn. The icing on the cake is the extraordinary, rich, colorful animation that matches the action-packed adventure of the script. The result is an animated dream come true, as it is incredibly visually pleasing and contains real messages about family dynamics in a realistic, yet creative way. You can enter “strange world” and watch an average family movie with typical action sequences and normal character interactions. But this is one of the best animated films in recent years, containing these elements and exceeding expectations by adding humor and heart.

Ultimately, rich with amazing animation, fun action sequences and emotionally melting storylines, “strange world” is the must-see animated film in the near future. It’s not just a story about exploring new territory or even self-discovery. It is about making appropriate choices that will affect the environment and future generations. Thanks to the incredibly creative screenplay centered on sons, fathers and legacy, this is one of the types of films that will take the film industry and the viewing public by storm, and demand that other film studios raise their bar – in animation and script.

“A strange world Strange World” – now in cinemas.


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