A stunning cosmic show.. The moon obscures the glowing surface of the sun | video

The GOES sun-observing satellite and its SUVI (Solar Ultraviolet Imager) captured the amazing cosmic show while observing the sun’s hot outer atmosphere, or what is called the “halo”, when the moon passed, creating what looks like a solar eclipse, but it was only visible from space. , and it lasted for several hours.

The moon has cast a silhouette on that sun between 10:30 to 12:00 UTC on November 23.

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An image of the moon blocking part of the sun was shared on Twitter, with one user saying: “It looks like the moon is taking a bite out of the sun.”

The GOES satellite monitors solar emissions that act as warning signs of solar flares, which can cause blackouts on Earth, and has picked up a filament exploding at the northwest tip near the pole once the moon disappears.


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