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Suresh Gopi and Ranji Panicker have teamed up to make films that hit theaters in the nineties. When Ranji Panicker, who was in the role of screenwriter at the time, joins Suresh Gopi on screen, like a dialogue in the film, the two are proving that their coal is not tied yet. Nidhin Ranji Panicker, who directed the film, is preparing a tribute to the hit duo ‘Kavali’ by combining action and emotion.

The story of the film is set in a hilly region of Idukki. Friends Thampan (Suresh Gopi) and Antony (Ranji Panicker) depend on the common man who is being exploited by big gardeners and landlords. It also gives them enough powerful enemies with money and influence. Thampan’s and Antony’s lives are turned upside down when the police join hands for money.

The first half of the film goes through Antony’s current situation where even the safety of his children cannot be guaranteed. The past of Thampan and Antony also comes as a flashback. Thampan’s comeback makes the second half even more lively. The director has some unexpected developments at the end of the film which has many sub-plots.

The highlight of the movie is the action scenes with Suresh Gopi and Ranji Panicker. Both of them shone in the emotional scenes of the film which tells the story of family and personal relationships. The film stars Rachel David, Kitchu Tellus, Muthumani, Shankar Ramakrishnan, Sadiq, Sreejith Ravi, Evan Anil and Pauly Wilson. The performance of the young stars along with the experienced ones should be highlighted.

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The film also features numerous references to films, including ‘Commissioner’. Nithin Ranji Panicker underlines in ‘Kavali’ that he has come a long way as a director since his first film ‘Kasaba’.

The visuals are another changing element of the watch. The aerial views and lighting of the hill station were excellent day and night. Ranjin Raj’s music played a major role in creating the perfect setting for the film. Editing by Mansoor Muthutty.

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