“A system is in crisis in Cuba. We need dialogue, not external interventions »- Corriere.it

The peaceful and unarmed Cuban people. Government monopoly violence. Now anything can happen. I invite dialogue, I hope that the borders will be opened to aid for Cuba, which is at the end of its life, but I do not want interventions from outside. I love my homeland, sovereign, capable of becoming democratic on its own. Ivette Garcia Gonzlez is a highly respected historian and writer, professor at the University of Havana, currently in Nicaragua for work. one of the signatures of The Young Cuba, blog of academics who call for the opening of a national dialogue, and defines itself as a “critical intellectual” with respect to many government policies.

Yes, even now that I’m talking to her. The last article I wrote on Joven Cuba is precisely about fear. a sentiment that haunts us, even outside of Cuba.

What do you think of what is happening on the island?

regrettable. Peaceful demonstrations have escalated into serious violence. Several factors have led to this extreme situation. The US embargo is a reality, illegal and unjust, and it may be that there are some criminals among the demonstrators as the president says, as is true and that the protest is also instigated from abroad. But the main cause of the crisis – the lack of food and medicines, infections – the mismanagement by a government that continues to have a triumphalist attitude. For the political scenario not the same as 30 years ago.

The Cuban crisis not only economic, for years the structural and systemic crisis of a model. The few changes made did not go to the root of the problem. And, as traditionally happens in socialist countries, repression returns when there is a crisis. The exhausted Cuban people. Stores that sell in dollars are only for those who have remittances from abroad, a minority. Everything has increased social inequality. terrible that desperation has prompted some to ask for US intervention. Not what the majority of the Cuban people want.

Economic prosperity, human rights, a democratic system in which everyone has a voice. Not the polarization that opposes revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries today. We moderates are criticized by both, but we will continue to work for a dialogue and a new Cuba.

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