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The prosecutor’s office will appeal the verdict of 17-year-old Muscovite Gleb Borisov, who was previously found guilty of damaging an FSB car during a rally in support of opposition leader Alexei Navalny on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. As writes on Sunday, November 7, the online edition “OVD-Info”, the prosecution demands that the teenager be sentenced to seven years in a colony instead of five years conditionally assigned to him by the court of first instance.

After the rally in support of Alexei Navalny on January 23, video footage appeared on the Internet in Moscow showing a group of protesters throwing snowballs at a car with flashing lights and an AMR number on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. This car was kicked, one of the young men jumped on the hood. Later, the Investigative Committee said that the driver was sprayed with gas from a canister.

On September 1, the Tverskoy District Court found Gleb Borisov guilty of using harmless violence against government officials and damaging other people’s property out of hooligan motives. At the same time, under the article on group hooliganism, also imputed to Borisov, the young man was acquitted.

The verdict of the court of first instance in the case of the FSB car

According to OVD-Info, Borisov admitted that he kicked two Rosgvardia officers one by one and participated, together with another person involved in the same case, Konstantin Lakeyev, in throwing snowballs at a car assigned to the FSB. For their part, the Russian Guards indicated at the trial that they did not feel pain, and accepted Borisov’s apology.

In addition to the suspended sentence, Borisov was then sentenced to pay 427,000 rubles to a military unit of the FSB for car repairs. The prosecutor’s office initially sought seven years in prison for the accused. It is expected that an appeal in the Borisov case will take place in the Moscow City Court on November 11.

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