A terrible tragedy: a 27-year-old calf died of the disease

A terrible tragedy: a 27-year-old calf died of the disease

Our father, our king, has mercy on us: this evening, the Habarach Hajair Rabbi Chaim Ya’akov Yudaikin zt’al, who wrote books and labored in the Torah with all his might, passed away. Hundreds of graduates of Yeshiva Ponibej and Kol Torah, and rabbis are expected to participate in the painful funeral that will leave tonight from Shamgar

Baruch Dayan the truth: Betelez Stone went to his worldly home this evening (Tuesday), the Habarach Hajar Rabbi Yaakov HaCohen Yudaikin zt’l, of the “Shekol Zozach” religious group. He was 27 years old at the time of his death, after struggling for about a year and a half with the cursed disease.

The deceased was born to his father Rabbi Aharon HaCohen Yudaikin Shalita and grew up in the settlement of Kiryat Yaarim Tellez Stone.

In yeshiva for young people, he studied at the ‘Kol Torah’ yeshiva in Beit Vegan and then was a teacher at the Ponibez Yeshiva, where he touched the Torah with love and clarity of mind and in all his actions out of fear of heaven.

After his marriage to his wife Shethai, the daughter of Rabbi Berel Avraham Whitman Shalita, he studied in the kollel at the Be’er Mordechai yeshiva and then at the kollel of Rabbi Ben Naim in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem.

He was kind to everyone, and loved by all his acquaintances. His ways were pleasant ways and he was notable for his gentleness, and he was very careful in respecting everyone.

He was a purebred lamb, a servant of God, conceiving of the Holy Torah with a sweetness like no other. His acquaintances from the Ponivez Yeshiva tell ‘Bahaderi Haredim’ about hours of hard work and dedication, all out of kindness and pleasantness, he was destined to be one of the greats of the Torah, he was already known from his selection as one of the yeshiva’s chosen ones, he was known in all places of his Talmud as one of the truly special ones.

His friends say: “Haim, he was our character in everything, in measure, in reverence for God, in the Torah that was from the heart of his life as it was, in the depth of study, in the joy that never left his face. We don’t know how to digest it, and G-d will say enough is enough for our troubles.”

Wrote a book during his illness called “Shkol Zozach” on the matters of deposit return rate and debt repayment and branching.

During his illness, when they came to visit him, all he achieved and talked about was studying the Holy Torah, and that was his joy, and he was known by the light of his face to everyone, young and old.

He left behind his wife Shathai’ and his two daughters and a son.

His funeral will take place this evening at 23:30 from the Shemgar funeral home in Jerusalem, at Mount HaManuhut, where he will be laid to rest.

May his soul be bundled in the bundle of life.


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