A terrorist running with a drawn knife: foiled an attempted stabbing attack near Ora

A terrorist running with a drawn knife: foiled an attempted stabbing attack near Ora

An attempted stabbing attack near Ofra this morning (Sunday) was foiled by the grace of heaven: A Palestinian terrorist holding a drawn knife ran towards the IDF soldiers who were stationed in the area. The soldiers sensed danger, carried out a suspicious arrest procedure, and then shot at the terrorist and neutralized him. The terrorist was seriously injured, and he was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

The incident began when several terrorists threw stones at the soldiers – then the terrorist got out of a car armed with a knife and approached the soldiers, and tried to steal a weapon from one of them. The event ended without casualties among our forces.

On the night between Friday and Saturday, two terrorists shot a passing pass at fighters in the Jenin area. The IDF forces returned fire and eliminated the terrorists. One of the terrorists, Amjad Adnan Khaliliya, was in charge of the engineering unit of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization that is engaged in the production of explosive charges to harm soldiers. Even in this incident, by the grace of heaven, there were no casualties among our forces.

In a video of the incident, an IDF jeep is seen approaching the car of the Islamic Jihad operatives, and immediately afterwards an IDF armored vehicle also arrives. The terrorists tried to escape, but were shot dead in their car which crashed into a wall.


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