A Tesla factory worker alleges constant sexual harassment

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An employee of the company’s plant in California filed a lawsuit against Tesla with a claim for compensation • The employee claims that she regularly dealt with obscene calls, inappropriate touches and sexual offers • “After 3 years of harassment – you lose your sense of security”

A Tesla employee sues the company: I suffered constant harassment | Photo: Reuters

Facts at Tesla’s California plant face “nightmarish” conditions of sexual harassment, according to a lawsuit filed by Jessica Barza, who worked night shifts at the plant. According to Braza, a 38-year-old mother of two, she experienced obscene calls and inappropriate touches in the workplace on an almost daily basis. Braza is demanding compensation from the company, and Tesla did not respond.

Barza told the Washington Post that male employees would offer her obscene suggestions, stare at her chest, and describe her as having an “onion butt” and her body as a “bottle of cola.” She also said that in many cases employees would rub their bodies and then pretend that it was a mistake. In one case, an employee lifted her while placing his hands around her chest and in another case an employee placed his leg between her thighs. The last case was the straw that broke the camel’s back and Braza said he was the one who made her decide to complain.

“After almost three years of sexual harassment, it robs you of your sense of security, it almost makes you lose your sense of humanity,” Braza told the media. According to the employee, Tesla as a company cultivates a work environment of harassment and does not handle complaints on the subject. According to the Washington Post, a number of other workers have verified Braza’s version.

This is not the first story of troubled labor relations at Tesla plants. Just last month, the company had to pay $ 137 million to Owen Diaz, an African-American worker who suffered frequent harassment from other employees due to his skin color. Tesla appealed the ruling but acknowledged that its conduct was “imperfect.”

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