A test bench for Letta in Naples

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twelve o’clock, March 15 2021 – 08:17

of Antonio Polito

Not even a week ago Peppe Provenzano, recently former minister of the South and rising star of the left-left majority who ruled the Zingaretti secretariat, told Republic that he did not see “a single reason why people like Beppe Sala”, mayor of Milan, should not be in the Democratic Party. Sala has seen the reason instead, who has just said that although he has never been a member of the Democratic Party, he does not even plan to do so, on the contrary, he adheres to the European Greens movement. On the other hand, on the very day that Letta accepted the secretariat of the Democratic Party, the same party that chased him out of Palazzo Chigi seven years ago, under the leadership of Renzi, the outgoing secretary Zingaretti made an organic alliance with the Cinquestelle to the Lazio Region, chaired by him, bringing in two Grillini exponents.

Furthermore, he left on the table of the new secretary a negotiation that was already very advanced for the joint candidacy of Roberto Fico as mayor of Naples, in the name of a yellow-red coalition that would thus make its debut in the polls at the next administrative elections in the autumn.

In short, so many facts tell us that it will be difficult to change the political line followed so far by Zingaretti’s Pd. On the one hand, a warm hug to the Cinquestelle, which in some moments becomes a real blood transfusion to the ally-competitor, who was also given the leadership of Conte; who, just invested by Zingaretti with the halo of “point of reference” for the center-left, left with the competing party.

And, on the other hand, a progressive break with the environments, personalities and political forces of the liberal-democratic and central area, as demonstrated by the tacit “no” to Calenda in Rome, the goodbye of Sala in Milan, and which is also increasingly loaded with ideological values, as in the continuing polemic of “theorists” of the Provenzano level against “neo-liberalism” and its new Mephistophelic incarnation in Carlo Cottarelli, called by the liberal parties to prepare a reformist program.

This controversy is colored by a strong resentment against Renzi, accused of wanting to blow up the alliance with the Cinquestelle with the help of his friends who remained in the Democratic Party: perhaps forgetting that the last time the Democratic Party obeyed Renzi, a year and a half ago, he did so by accepting the government with the Cinquestelle, then seduced and abandoned by Salvini.

If our analysis were correct, we would have to fear for Letta’s attempt. In fact, if the political line already drawn, and already contested in the Democratic Party, will not change, why did Zingaretti ever leave for Letta? And if, on the other hand, his resignation is not the result of a political confrontation but is motivated by the behavior defined as “shameful” by the currents and their battle for seats, we can know who these demons are nestled in the Democratic Party so that they can be rendered harmless to sooner by depriving them of the infamous armchairs? It would be sweeping the dust under the carpet if the Democratic Party avoided clarifying the first or second point. And we must hope that Letta does not allow it.

On the other hand, he is a leader who, due to his history, is difficult to put side by side with the neo-populism of the left that seems to have taken over the majority of the Democratic Party. Let’s just remember for a moment that he was the first democrat prime minister to establish a government with Berlusconi. Of course we cannot expect a break with the Cinquestelle from him. It would be foolish and imprudent for a party that, at the moment, has no other allies. But the attempt to put the Democratic Party back at the center of a wider and freer alliance system, instead of the neo-Contian version of the grill wheel, yes. Otherwise, what would he return to Paris for?

Naples from this point of view could be an important test. As is well known, the local party has been in the hands of the internal left for some time, yet it is in pitiful conditions. He is without a candidate and does not seem able to find one worthy of it. However, he already has one in the field, and also of considerable weight, that is Bassolino, who however acts on his own. Is it possible that the new Latvian Democratic Party agrees to go to the elections in the third cities of Italy, once its stronghold, as a junior partner of the Cinquestelle, handing them the baton of command that they already hold and expect in Rome?

March 15, 2021 | 08:17

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