A train carrying Russian cruise missiles was attacked by armed drones in northern Crimea

by time news

In a large series of explosions in the area of ​​the city of Jankoy in northern Crimea, Russian cruise missiles that were transported by train to one of the ports for launch from ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet were destroyed.

The Ministry of Defense and the Ukrainian Intelligence Service reported that the missile train was attacked by UAVs carrying explosives and shrapnel, and the target was a train carrying KN caliber missiles. The Russians intended to launch these cruise missiles from surface ships of the Black Sea Fleet towards targets in Ukraine. The range of such a missile at sea is 375 km .

The Russian news agency TASS reported that the Ukrainians attacked civilian targets, that a school and a shop were destroyed and one person was injured.

Reuters and AP report that a large Russian military base is located near the city of Jankoi. Crimea was annexed by Putin in 2014, and since the Ukraine war, the city of Jankoy and its surroundings have become the largest Russian military concentration in the Crimean Peninsula.

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