a traveling bistro brings the villages back to life



Alsace: a traveling bistro brings villages back to life

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Initiatives are multiplying in an attempt to restore life to the abandoned countryside. Focus on a traveling bistro that crisscrosses Alsace, and brings a smile to the inhabitants.

At aperitif time in Daubensand (Bas-Rhin), Clément Nicaud barely has time to open his van and take out a few tables. In a few minutes, the first customers arrive. The young man sets up his traveling bar in villages without shops. That evening, he stops in a small village of 440 inhabitants, in which the café-bar has disappeared for years. “This kind of initiative is great. Because really, it goes closer to the population”rejoices a woman.

Clément Nicaud wanted to create links and life in the villages. At 27, he left his commercial job in Paris without regret, for a more human project. “This life no longer interests me, does not interest me. And there, being in contact with people, in the open air, discussing everything and nothing at the same time… That’s real life”, he rejoices. Since the launch, at the beginning of August, it serves wherever it passes a hundred customers. So as not to be overwhelmed, Clément prepares as much as possible in advance. After the summer, he will offer to privatize his bistro.


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