A very advanced screen from Samsung for video game lovers (video)

A very advanced screen from Samsung for video game lovers (video)
Samsung unveiled a large screen, developed for fans of video games and computer users.

The most distinctive feature of the Odyssey Arc screen among the gaming monitors is its large size, as it came in a size of 55 inches, and it was curved at a rate of curvature of 1000R, and it was installed on a movable axis that can be rotated to be horizontal or vertical.

The screen came with dimensions of “16:9”, a high display resolution equivalent to (3840/2160) pixels, a large frequency rate equivalent to 165 hertz, and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.

This screen supports Quantum Mini LED technology, which gives it 16,384 levels of black, and supports Ark Dial devices that enable four screens to be controlled remotely.

Samsung provided it with four HDMI ports to connect it with various computers and electronic devices, and a distinctive color backlighting system, most notably that the user can divide the screen into 3 virtual parts to control several games or Internet pages when rotating this screen to be in a vertical position.

This screen can support video games or videos that come in 4K resolution, and its price in global markets is expected to reach 3,500 dollars.


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