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There was a video from the site of the oil spill in the Komi Republic. The footage shows the slope from which oil flowed into the Kolva River. The video recording on May 23 is published by the REN TV channel.

At the site of the emergency, as you can see in the video, work is currently underway to eliminate the consequences. During the day, according to the workers, about 40 cubic meters of oil were removed.

Earlier that day, a local resident of one of the regions of the republic, where the emergency regime was introduced, expressed the opinion that the consequences of the ecological disaster would have to be eliminated for a long time.

The oil spill occurred on May 11. The next day, the head of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug (NAO), Yuri Bezdudny, wrote in Telegram that the source of the river’s pollution was the oil-gathering reservoir of one of the wells of the Osh field.

From May 17 in Komi, after an accident on the oil pipeline, an emergency situation (ES) was introduced until further notice in the Usinsk, Izhemsk and Ust-Tsilemsk regions. A regional level of response has been established.

On the territory of the Komi Republic and the Nenets Autonomous Okrug on the Kolva River, there are seven response lines, additional lines have been established on the Usa and Pechora rivers near the villages of Mutny Materik, Shchelyabozh and the village of Zakharvan.


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