A Week in Analysis – International Internet Security Day

A Week in Analysis – International Internet Security Day

Cyber ​​Security Day is an international awareness day established by the United Nations in 2004.

International Internet Security Day – Arulpani L. Arogya Das. Ch. Ch.

Marina Raj – Vatican

The Internet is so widespread today that it needs no introduction to what the Internet is. There may even be homeless people and you won’t find people without internet here. From a young child to a mature man on his bed, the functions and applications of the Internet are appealing to everyone. There is no home without internet connection; No offices. The uses of internet are so innumerable that even illiterate people use it for their business. If the benefits are hundreds of free links, then many troubles will come. Thus, the internet, which is used by billions of people around the world, also has some disadvantages. This internet safety day is to identify these and handle the internet like eating a fish by de-pinning them.

Cyber ​​Security Day is an international awareness day established by the United Nations in 2004. International Internet Safety Day is celebrated on the second day of the second week of February every year with the aim of identifying the dangers of using the Internet and protecting everyone.

Most used apps

Internet today can be said to be an innovation that fulfills the usage needs of billions of people all over the world. Internet helps to get very old information and many new information that appears new today. The Internet is overflowing with unimaginable amounts of information to send, receive, comment, buy, and sell. Every creator on the internet has published their works as information and books on a myriad of topics such as literature, grammar, film, history, geography, astronomy, science, mathematics, astrology, devotion, general knowledge, medicine, siddha, yoga, recipes, painting, sports. If the information available all over the world is connected to the Internet, anyone can access it at any time. In earlier times, if you wanted to know about something or someone, you had to go to libraries. Nowadays, we can get information about something or an opinion, information about a person, which we use on a daily basis, such as mobile phones, smart phones, smartphones, laptops, computers, etc.

Salesian Reverend El Arogyadoss shares with us his views on Internet Safety Day to live safely using such a special website. He is the founder of today’s Manna radio station, who is working to plant and nurture the gospel of Christ in the youth through these radio programs. Venerable Arogya Das, who conveys great ideas through his oratory thoughts, is currently working as the house father of Thiruvannamalai Thonbosco Sikaram House.

Website security

Website security

Just like a sculptor carves a black stone into a beautiful sculpture, everyone uses the Internet according to their creativity, imagination, and talents. It is up to the users to ignore the disadvantages of the internet and take advantage of the advantages. Let’s try to live according to some of the words of the elders as they apply to the internet in today’s life as well. The website has now joined the list of things that need to be used carefully like the knife and electricity used in daily life. Use sparingly. Talk to the side during the day; Advice for face-to-face conversations is don’t talk at night either. While this advice is for face-to-face conversations, even more caution is needed when sharing personal information on public platforms such as the Internet. According to Valluvar’s words that ‘This will be completed by this person, this person will finish it’, we will select and use the most reliable and worthy sites in the abundance of information.

“Eiduba counted as he counted

(Kural – 666)

Let’s work with determination in the path of Kural. Happy International Internet Security Day everyone


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