‘A whole life’, a project for teenagers on the correct use of technologies is underway

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Continue the path of “A whole life”, The initiative designed to raise awareness among young people on the importance of good habits and a healthy lifestyle. The protagonist of the new edition will be the correct use of technology. After the success of last year, the educational project conceived by Medtronic – a company specialized in the medical devices sector – in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the University of Milan-Csr, reaches its second edition with a double objective: raise awareness among young people on the importance of a balanced life and promote correct lifestyles aimed at reducing digital addictions that are increasingly frequent today, especially among young people, contributing to the creation of an increasingly healthy, active and responsible community.

“A whole life” – reports a note – is based on the synergy between school and family, both with a fundamental role in the development of a new culture of health and an indispensable education in well-being both as a right and as a duty. Technology, digitalization, social networks, connection, interpersonal relationships at the time of Covid-19 are just some of the recurring themes of the new teaching guide to promote the project that is restarting today, aimed at pupils of I and II grade secondary schools, aged 13 to 16. Young people who, in the past year, due to the pandemic, had to face an unusual and, for many, dramatic experience in an age already full of doubts and difficulties.

The children – underlines the note – for months have relied exclusively on technological and digital tools to keep in touch with friends, schoolmates, grandparents. These young generations today need to be helped to understand that, if used in an intelligent, constructive and balanced way, digital is much more than a window on their own and others’ lives.: it can prove to be an indispensable resource, a great platform full of opportunities and opportunities to realize one’s potential and reach a state of common and shared well-being, therefore with a view to human, cultural and professional enrichment, as well as inclusion and sustainability.

To stimulate the curiosity of young people and make them more aware and responsible in the choice of their lifestyles and in establishing a healthy and balanced relationship with technology and digital tools, we have chosen to use a simple and immediate language by integrating the platform which has already met with great interest last year with further insights. The new monograph takes its cue from the current moment we are experiencing and from the exponential growth that digitalization has had with the spread of Covid-19: the remarkable opportunities offered by digitization, the changes imposed by recent events, the Covid-19 emergency and distance learning, the achievements achieved thanks to the correct use of science and technology, the new responsibilities towards which young people are called to build a world based on the well-being of all. All this is also in line with the new guidelines of the Ministry of Education for the teaching of civic education and with the global objectives for sustainable development of the UN.

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The platform and the multimedia kit have been developed by Civicamente, which has always been involved in educational projects with the ministry, and prove to be innovative pedagogical tools capable of generating awareness, inducing children to adopt correct behaviors and increase knowledge on the issues at center of the countryside. “We believe in young people, in their potential and in the irreplaceable contribution they can give to society: for this reason we decided to develop this project, already last year,” he says Michele Perrino, President and CEO of Medtronic Italia. “In particular, in this edition, we wanted to make them aware of such important issues as the adoption of healthy and balanced behaviors aimed at preventing any type of addiction, first of all those of a digital nature”.

For the Ministry of Education, raising awareness among young people on the correct use of the digital tools available today, avoiding abuse and addictions, is an absolute priority.“, is declared by the Directorate General for school systems and the evaluation of the national education system.” Thanks to the “A whole life” project, shared with Medtronic, we can affirm, from the results obtained, that we have contributed to creating new citizenship skills active on well-being, health, self-awareness using very current methodologies based on gamification “.

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