A world from “Shuga”: despite the milking of Milky Chance, the SHUGA festival did not disappoint

The “SHUGA” festival has started, and with it some of the artists and performances that are supposed to be the most uplifting and energetic. But a few hours before everything started, it turned out that Milky Chance announced that they would be absent from the event – that they were one of the main reasons for its existence. In the production of the festival, they preferred not to demonstratively tell the general public, but to distribute a new line-up, and in the place where Milky Chance was supposed to perform, the rapper Tuna was inserted.

It was evident in the audience that many chose not to come due to the cancellation of Milky Chance, which initially also affected the general atmosphere of the entire festival. And yet, each of the artists who took the stage gave it their all. He did everything he could to make those who came happy, maybe for them and maybe a little less.

Alt-J conquers the stage at Live Park in Rishon Lezion (Photo: Shai Regev)

First rose Jay Lamottafollowed by the singer Echo And from there to the successful rap performance of Freddie Gibbs, already at noon today he managed to drive the fans crazy when he went for a walk in Dizengoff. After successful performances of his songs, including “Gang Signs” and “Big Boss Rabbit”, there was a calm transition section for the arrival of the Israeli star Yasmin Moalem.

Freddie Gibbs on stage (photo: Daniel Aharoni)

At the minute, Moalem opened with the song “That’s better for me”. The continuation with Bloody Murray’s new song “Never Was Never” and then the hits “Mahila” and “Barefoot”, Elin joined with the genius of Atar Meiner who continued with the song “You” and “Wake up”, together with Moalem.

After the star continued alone with some more of her calmer songs, she concluded with the song “Party”. The pause again, then up tuna With “Rock 30” in order to cheer up the audience, who were still disappointed by his presence in relation to the expectation of the German duo. With high energy, Tuna continued with the hits “Bein’or” and “Dizziness”, and for “Sahara” he brought up Yasmin Moalem again for a joint performance. After several more of his songs, among them “Lost in Space” and “A Crazy World”, he concluded with the song “112”.

Yasmin Moalem and Tuna return to the stage where the performance of “Sahara” began (Photo: Daniel Aharoni)

And we reached the highlights, at 22:35 a band Jungle They came up with the song “KEEP MOVING” and continued with some of the hits, including “ALL OF THE TIME” and “Busy Earnin'”, and started a techno-disco party that made everyone move to the sounds of their unique electronic music.

JUNGLE in Israel (Photo: Shai Regev)JUNGLE in Israel (Photo: Shai Regev)

After them, finally, a band came up Alt-J With the song from the new album “Bane”. It was obvious that the audience was waiting only for their honor, and they certainly managed to keep it until the wee hours of the night. Among the band’s hottest hits were “Tessellate”, “Matilda” and “Something Good”. After the encore segment, when the audience was starting to show signs of fatigue, the legendary band closed the show with their most famous song “Breezeblocks”, and there is no doubt that after such an evening, the audience is going to have a good night.

Alt-J (Photo: Daniel Aharoni)Alt-J (Photo: Daniel Aharoni)

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