Abascal warns against “interference from the left to restore the coup leader” Pedro Castillo in Peru

Abascal warns against “interference from the left to restore the coup leader” Pedro Castillo in Peru

Santiago Abascal has inaugurated the II Summit of the Madrid Forum that is celebrated these days in Lima, Peru, to show their support for the initiative that aims to combat communism. Through a video broadcast to the more than 800 participants attending the event, the leader of Vox has warned against “the interference of the left” that maneuvers to try “restore the coup plotterPedro Castillo as president.

The left-wing extremist was replaced in office by In Boluarte after a failed self-coup that led to his flight from the country. Abascal has warned against the Sao Paulo Forum and the Puebla Group, which he has defined as “cartels and criminal organizations”, for instigating the attack on democracy in Peru, thanking the Peruvian people for standing up to them. “You have our full support,” he said.

“All socialists and communists should know that we will stick together and that united we will respond to all their actions”, warned Abascal, who has criticized the “burning of the streets” promoted by the left with all its protests or “violence”, warning that they will not be able to “weaken our purpose of have free and prosperous nations”. “Nowhere is it written that our nations are doomed”, he concluded.

The Madrid Forum, of the Fundación Disenso de Vox, promoted the Madrid letter qIt already has more than 10,000 signatures from international leaders in an “alliance of patriots” that seeks to confront the spread of communism throughout the world, especially in Latin America, where the extreme left reaches ever greater levels of power.

The summit agenda

The event held in Lima will include the participation of prominent international leaders such as the mayor of Lima, Rafel López; the vice president and foreign minister during the Alberto Fujimori period, Francisco Tudela; the former Peruvian Defense Minister, Artero Flores; Jair Bolsonaro’s Foreign Minister, Ernesto Araújo; the daughter of the Bolivian political prisoner Jeanine Añez, Carolina Ribera Áñez; or the senator of Colombia, María Fernanda Cabal.

Congressmen, jurists, journalists, political analysts or university professors from different countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala or Paraguay, among others, will also participate in the Summit to defend democracy, freedom and the State of law in these countries.

The event was inaugurated by the leader of Vox Madrid, Rocío Monasterio, and the Vox MEP, Hermann Tertsch. The closure will be led by the director of the Disenso Foundation, Jorge Martin Friasand the director of Foro Madrid, edward cader.

Foro Madrid organized the First Regional Meeting last year in the city of Bogota, Colombia, coinciding with the country’s presidential elections. During their celebration, they were attacked with stones by far-left radicals who attacked the hotel where the event was taking place.


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