ABBA recorded an album for musical minorities

But there were quite a few of them.

Will they be able to break into the charts again? Probably, this was the main question that accompanied the release of the new album of Swedish pop icons. They did it – and at the moment the album Voyage is already in the charts of all streaming. But this was not enough to return the same ABBA group to the public.

The very opportunity to listen to the new songs of the legendary Swedish quartet already looks like a miracle. Forty years after a very difficult parting, the musicians were able to get so close to each other as to create music again and even announce a concert adventure, albeit with youthful avatars on the screen. But if a concert that they want to stuff with super hits as much as possible is a nostalgic attraction in its purest form, then new songs are, first of all, the risk of being in a very unfriendly and competitive environment.

Before the main release, the band secured a bit of a head start when two new songs were unveiled during the presentation of their upcoming album and tour. A truly postcard in the context of the hits of the group Don’t Shut Me Down and the ballad I Still Have Faith In You, which sounded like a real revelation. The album was worth listening to, if only out of curiosity: is there something on it that is just as beautiful? Spoiler: no.

At the same time, out of ten numbers (all songs are completely new, with the exception of the archive, but never released before Just A Notion), it is difficult to single out at least one absolutely passable. It can be assumed that the ostentatious antiquity of this music is to a large extent captivating here. They don’t do that now. They don’t come up with such parts for instruments, they work differently with the voice. Well, most often the most important thing in new hits is the rhythm and skillfully placed hooks that catch the audience. Marketers most likely define the new ABBA as songs for musical minorities. However, judging by the charts, there are still quite a few of them.

The new ABBA songs have everything to charm all kinds of people, but these songs need to be given a chance. To give an opportunity to break through the beeping of messengers, a barrage of spam, the endless hum of social networks, and finally, through our desire to be in time everywhere. But if you try to disconnect for thirty-seven minutes (total album timing) from all of the above and just listen to this music, then you can feel that you are ready for Christmas, because there are Little Things. That you want to listen to Keep An Eye On Dan because this ballad can bring you to tears. And in the stylized Scottish folk When You Danced With Me there is so much life that you want to pour a glass or two.

Probably Voyage is not an album with which to rediscover ABBA. It would be naive to hope for new songs that can outshine the greatest hits. Nevertheless, this disc (the release puts the final point in the studio activity of the group – at least they said so) was composed and recorded by people who managed to maintain sentimentality. They don’t try to conform to anything, allow themselves completely out-of-date texts and don’t seem to be very worried about reviews. And it was this approach that gave the world songs that looked to us as if from another century. From the times when much was much better.



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