About the non-simultaneity of things when it comes to compulsory vaccination

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For science, in connection with the obligation to vaccinate, it is already about the coming autumn. The broad perspective can be seen in the statements made by Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD). For example, when he says that Omikron does not replace vaccination. And that the unvaccinated person who now gets an omicron infection will still not be protected against other variants in the autumn. That’s why he wants vaccinations to continue.

The virologist Christian Drosten also thinks it is crucial to build up enough immunity by next winter. However, he also sees an opportunity in the highly contagious omicron variant to achieve a high immunity rate in the population. If the chairman of the family doctor association, Wolfgang Kreischer, has his way, with Omikron you no longer need all the compulsory vaccinations.

In view of this polyphony alone, it is no wonder that the population’s approval of compulsory vaccination is declining. Who will be right in the end? One does not know. Especially not as a layman. Then there is the fatigue. At some point it has to be over with the exceptional situation, the eternal arguing about vaccinations, we are all tired of the debates.

Unfortunately, the exchange of arguments is only just beginning – at least in Parliament. At the political level, compulsory vaccination will be disputed throughout the winter. That has to be the case, if only because this is a major encroachment on self-determination.

More than half of the citizens in Germany are still in favor of compulsory vaccination. If things go badly, the approval ratings in the population continue to fall, and after all the arguments have been exchanged and the pros and cons weighed up, politicians decide on compulsory vaccination of whatever kind at a time when only very few citizens have any sense in it recognize.

That’s not unlikely. However, that would be a real challenge for implementation.


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