About the present, future, innovation and digitalization of business, at Microsoft Envision Romania

About the present, future, innovation and digitalization of business, at Microsoft Envision Romania

Technology, cloud and artificial intelligence solutions are reshaping economies and fostering an accelerated development of society through innovation and the progress it generates. In turn, organizations are looking for solutions to achieve better productivity, increased profitability and a high level of competitiveness without increasing costs.

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This year’s edition of Microsoft Envision Romaniathe company’s premier local business event, will focus on how innovation and technology are redefining how organizations grow in a world based on hyper-connectivity, automation and the advancement of artificial intelligence.

The event will take place on March 29, at the Palace of the Parliament, and will bring together hundreds of IT professionals and business leaders from Romania, as well as representatives of some of the most agile local startups. Together with Microsoft representatives, they will participate in discussions about the opportunities generated by technology and the integration of innovation, but also about their impact in terms of the progress of the business environment and the public sector.

The event will be opened by Bogdan Putinică, General Manager of Microsoft Romaniawhich will talk about how organizations can accelerate digitization and maximize the impact of technology investments. Michelle Simmons, General Manager CEE Multi Country Region la Microsoftwill address the theme of resilience, cost efficiency and organizational development even in times of change and challenge.

The event will continue with a discussion on the role and impact of artificial intelligence in the growth of companies, and Adam Goldberg, Head of Azure OpenAI Enablement, GTM Team within OpenAIwill show how a business can be developed using large-scale natural language algorithms developed by OpenAI.

The process of digital transformation is a complex one, and to carry it out successfully, organizations need not only resources, but also knowledge and experts to run the process in the right way. This is the context in which, over the years, Microsoft has linked partnerships with small and large companies in Romania, which operate in different fields and which it has supported in digitizing.

We will attend several presentations by representatives of companies such as BCR, Regina Maria, Profi or Cargo, who will talk about their digital journeys, the challenges they encountered, the solutions they turned their attention to to solve them. They will mainly present the opportunities that digitization has opened up for them and the impact of these decisions on their businesses.

The first part of the day will end with a presentation by Florin Popa, B2B Director at Orange Romania, who will continue to speak to the other representatives of the business environment. The company is also this year the main partner of the Microsoft Envision Romania event.

In order to bring the clearest possible picture of the progress made by organizations in the government environment in terms of digitalization, as well as to emphasize the importance of cyber security in a highly digitalized world, the event stage will also Sebastian Burduja, Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitizationas well as Anton Rog, director of the National Cyberint Center.

In addition, the event will have an area and stage dedicated exclusively to partners, where attendees will be able to listen to presentations and case studies to better understand how they can realize the benefits of digitization. At the same time, Microsoft specialists and their guests will also emphasize the reasons why it is important to accelerate digital transformation and strengthen cyber security among organizations everywhere and especially within public institutions.

The event will take place in physical format, participation is free and the registration form and full agenda are available here.

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