Abu Mazen’s office claims: “The chairman does not deny the Holocaust”

After the storm caused by the words of the chairman of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) in Berlin, where he said in his speech last night (Tuesday) that Israel has committed “50 holocausts” on the Palestinians, today his office published a clarification on the subject, according to which the chairman does not deny the Holocaust.

In the “clarification” of the official Palestinian news agency “Wafa” in the name of Abu Mazen, it was noted that “President Abu Mazen reiterates and emphasizes that the Holocaust is the most heinous crime that occurred in modern human history, and that he did not intend in his answer to deny the uniqueness of the Holocaust that was committed in the last century.” It was also stated in the message that “the crimes he spoke of refer to the massacres committed against the Palestinian people since the Nakba by the Israeli forces, and these crimes have not stopped to this day.”

It should be noted that this is not the first time Abu Mazen has “apologized” and “clarified” after statements with an anti-Semitic flavor or Holocaust denial. Also in 2018, he published an apology, after being accused of anti-Semitism, following what he said in a speech at the Palestinian National Council. Abbas said at the time that “the historical persecution of European Jews was caused by their behavior and not because of their religion.”


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