Academy of Fine Arts, Minister Messa inaugurated the exhibition “Beauty amid War” in Lecce

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twelve o’clock, October 22, 2021 – 5:06 pm

For the first time in Italy, the works of the Iranian photographer Fatimah Hossaini are exhibited

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The exhibition entitled “Beauty amid War” by the Iranian photographer Fatimah Hossaini was inaugurated this morning at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce, in the presence of the Minister of the University and Research Maria Cristina Messa. After Beijing in China, Tehran, New York and Paris, the personal exhibition of the fashion photographer and founder of the artistic organization Mastooraat Organization, makes a stop for the first time in Italy. On display in the atrium of the Lecce academy, 18 shots, where the protagonists are the faces of women belonging to different ethnic groups such as Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara, Qizilbashes and Uzbeki, 12 of which taken from the Pearl in the Oyster and Khurasani Reflections collections. that tell the beauty and strength of Afghan women in war zones, going beyond the stereotype of the woman / victim. The characteristic landscapes of Afghanistan are also captured in six large photographs. Art is therefore conceived as a means of social denunciation, and the photographic image taken as a message to the world, silent but powerful, which narrates the resilience of millions of Afghan women.

The participants

Present at the vernissage were the President of Alba Lecce Nicola Cirac, the Director Nunzio Fiore, the Regional Councilor for the Right to Study, School, University Sebastiano Leo and the President of the Lecce City Council Carlo Mignone. Director Nunzio Fiore opened the meeting: “Today we had the pleasure of knowing Fatima and through her works we understood that we have many values ​​in common such as the fight against oppression and gender equality. – said Fiore – This exhibition is an invitation to never turn off the spotlight and fight with the weapons of beauty. Art unites and manages to overcome cultural limits and differences, highlighting them with greater depth, allowing us to be more united. We fully share the philosophy of Fatima, which is to use art to empower peace. Let’s adopt it because it is the only way to overcome conflicts ”. The word then passed to the Minister Messa: “I thank you for this invitation and I thank Fatima for remembering through her photographs and her artistic work not to flee from indifference. I am honored today to be in this academy of great quality and level ”said the Minister during today’s vernissage. In his speech he reiterated the importance of academies and conservatories in education, considered “real jewels of extreme attractiveness of our country and the most international points, on which we are working to create a system similar to the university one”.

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The minister’s words

Maria Cristina Messa also underlined the great quality of the educational offer of the Lecce academy, which offers young people the opportunity to follow their own inclinations and is populated by teachers and artists who are a source of pride for our country. “Lecce is a lively jewel city, not only to look at but to experience and which can give a lot. There are many opportunities in this period thanks to the national plan and government investments to reduce territorial differences in Italy. Lecce can play a very important part in this and I will do everything to be present and help you in this, ”said the Minister. To conclude the event, the intervention of President Nicola Cirac: “Today is a day of celebration for me and we thank the Minister for his visit. A great sign of encouragement for our students and teachers, for Salento and for all those who believe in art and culture as tools for growth. In addition to having the full support of the Puglia Region and the Municipality of Lecce, we are in full synergy with the Rector of UniSalento and the Conservatory. This city has a strength, in addition to beauty, that is to have three tertiary training institutions that represent the engine of future talents. An important aspect that we are pursuing is glocal relations: we are committed to the Welcome office international project to welcome as many foreign students as possible, because we have always been a land of hospitality, which is part of the DNA of the Salento people ”. The minister also visited the exhibition of the teachers “Art / DOC FACULTY EXIBITION” exhibited inside the gothic portico of the headquarters in via Libertini. Both exhibitions, with free admission, can be visited until November 22, 2021 at the Alba, from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 18.

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22 October 2021 | 17:06

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