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Devoleena Bhattacharjee, a popular serial artiste and popular serial actress, has openly stated on Ladies Vs Gentlemen Season 2 that her accountant behaved inappropriately towards her at a young age.

Popular Hindi TV serial actress and prom artist Devolina Bhattacharjee talks about the sexual abuse she faced as a child on the reality show Ladies Vs Gentlemen Season 2. It read, “My math teacher is very good. So, everyone goes to Duson with him. Well-educated students and two of my friends went to Duson with him. But in a week my friends stopped going to Duson. They went to Duson for a week and then stopped going there.”

Then I went to Duson. He misbehaved with me. I told his mother about it. Then we both went to the teacher’s house and appealed to his wife. That’s what happened. I thought I should take drastic action. Because both my friends are there. Maybe it happened to them too, and then they left the tuition.

My friends did not need to tell me this for fear of what the community would say and what the family would say. My family would have thought so too. That is why they did not go to the police and lodge a complaint. But now I think he should have taken drastic action for me, ”he said.

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He also advised parents to take action if their children face such situations.

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