‘Accurate Attack Hero’ – Veer Chakra Award for Abhinandan: President presents today | Abhinandan Varthaman to be Awarded Vir Chakra Today

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Today to Commander Abhinandan from Tamil Nadu who fought with the coast during the precision attack against Pakistan Veer Chakra Award Presenter President of the Republic Ramnath Govind honors.

Abhinandan hails from Tamil Nadu and serves as the Wing Commander of the Indian Air Force. In early 2019, militants carried out a suicide attack in Pulwama district of Kashmir. In retaliation, Indian warplanes infiltrated Pakistani territory and destroyed militant camps. Player of a Pakistani warplane that attempted to infiltrate into India on February 27, 2019 Abhinandan He was chased by a MiG-21 and shot down.

Within Pakistan during this attack Abhinandan The last plane crashed. Arrested in Pakistan Abhinandan Later, he was released due to the pressure exerted on Pakistan by the world community at the initiative of the Central Government. For repelling the Pakistani attack and shooting down the country’s warplane Abhinandan The panel presented the award in appreciation of the 51st Regiment of the Air Force featured.

Subsequently praising his heroism to Abhinandan Veer Chakra Award Announced to deliver. Also, Army Commander Abhinandan was promoted to team captain.

To him in this case President of the Republic Today to Ramnath Govind Abhinandan Veer Chakra Award The presenter honors.

Apart from this, Prakash Jadhav, a senior officer of the Indian Air Force, has been awarded the second highest heroic award, the Keerthi Chakra (posthumously), for defeating militants in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Surya Chakra (posthumous) award is given to Major Vibudhi Shankar Taundial, who committed suicide when he shot dead five more militants.

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Naib Subedar Zombir gets the solar chakra after his death for killing a key militant during an anti-terrorist operation in Kashmir.

He will receive the solar chakra after death.


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