Accusation on Karur District Collector MP Jyothi Mani files complaint to Chief Secretary

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Karur District Collector Prabhu Shankar’s letter to Karur MP Jyoti Mani’s general secretary Irayanpu has caused a stir in Tamil Nadu politics, saying there is a widespread perception among the people that the files will move only after the mandatory collection of 1% – 2% from the desk.

Congress MP Jyoti Mani has been engaged in a protest against the Karur District Collector at the Collectorate since this morning. Subsequently, Jyoti Mani wrote a letter to the Chief Secretary complaining about the District Collector. In his letter, he said, “There is a widespread perception among the people that the files will move only after the current Karur district chief has been forced out of the table by at least 1% – 2%.” The truth will come out if the government does not order a proper inquiry. But I believe only in honesty in nano politics.

During the last regime, I have ordered a proper inquiry into the corruption in the Corona Prevention Fund allocated for government hospitals in the Viralimalai Assembly constituency from the Karur Parliamentary Constituency Development Fund (2019-2020) and ordered a proper inquiry, and the Member of Parliament withdrew the funds and set aside funds to build classrooms in schools in the same constituency. So it is not possible to be corrupt in my work.

Therefore, I will not allow questions to arise as to whether the Karur District Collector refuses to implement the schemes of the Government of the United Kingdom, which will be brought into my effort as a Member of Parliament, as I will not allow corruption as usual if I implement the schemes for the disabled in my proceedings.

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Under the previous regime, we, the people, were prevented from working. During that period, how many intense struggles did we wage against the government to implement public welfare schemes? You know how we were oppressed for that. I would like to take this opportunity to gratefully recall the moral support given to me today by the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, the then Leader of the Opposition, and a Member of Parliament during that critical period.

In a government headed by such a Chief Minister, how can the Karur District Collector issue such an illegal order? That is where the power to make such an important policy decision for the District Governor in the process of welfare of the disabled came from: It is illegal for a District Governor to take such a policy decision irresponsibly against the interests of the people without the permission of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

The welfare of disabled brothers and sisters should not be affected by the cheap, irresponsible, intentional selfish activities of a District Collector. Therefore, I urge you to immediately reverse the Karur District Collector’s anti – disabled, heartless policy decision and to immediately conduct the Alumco Camp for the Handicapped in the Karur District of the Union Ministry of Social Justice for the Handicapped Brothers and Sisters.

This is not just an issue of the thousands of disabled people working in the difficult living conditions in the Karur district, but also the issue of the rights of an individual Karur MP. It is a grave mistake to question the rules laid down in the Constitution, which call into question the boundaries, functions and responsibilities of the district administration, led by the Union and State Governments and the District Collector, and the responsibilities of the people’s representatives.

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What is happening in Karur district today can happen anywhere in Tamil Nadu tomorrow. Innocent people will be affected by this and it will bring disgrace to the Chief Minister and the Government of Tamil Nadu who are acting with dedication and appreciation. The reputation of the authorities like you will be tarnished and therefore a great responsibility. This government, which has a deep concern for the welfare of the people, is irresponsible and abusive. I hope immediate action will be taken against the acting Karur District Collector, ”he said in the letter.

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