Accusations of foreign origin of products have become a weapon in the competitive struggle of IT companies

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) canceled documents confirming the domestic origin of several data storage systems (DSS) by Yadro and notified the Consortium of domestic storage developers (ANO RosSKhD) about this. This follows from a letter sent by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to the consortium (Vedomosti has a copy). We are talking about storage systems “Tatlin”, “Tatlin-Yu” and “Tatlin-M”, which are produced by Yadro, the letter says.

“If the Chamber of Commerce and Industry did not recognize the products as Russian or annulled the act that confirmed this, the Ministry of Industry and Trade was obliged to exclude the products from the register of domestic radio-electronic products,” explains Oleg Izumrudov, executive director of RosSKhD. “The cancellation of the acts of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry means that the products cannot be considered Russian.”



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