Achoura, a festival with different symbolism for Sunnis and Shiites

Achoura derives from the word bamboo (“ten” in Arabic), in reference to the celebrations held on the 10e day of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar, according to the method of observing the moon adopted by Muslim countries to determine the end and the beginning of each month. This year, Ashura fell on August 9 in the Gregorian calendar.

In Sunni Islam, this day commemorates Moses crossing the Red Sea. In memory of the fast he made then, according to tradition, the faithful also fast.

On the other hand, for Shiites, Achoura marks a day of mourning, that of the anniversary of the death of Imam Al-Hussein, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. Al-Hussein will die during the battle of Karbala (a city in Iraq located southwest of the capital, Baghdad), in 680.



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