Acid attack against a young man by woman in Idukki | Acid attack on a young man in Idukki, one eye lost sight

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Idukki: In Adimali (Adimali) Acid attack on a young man (Acid Attack). Sheeba hails from Adimali, Thiruvananthapuram (Thiruvananthapuram) Poured acid on the face of native Arun. The incident took place on Tuesday. Sheeba Police (Police) Taken into custody.

The young man lost the sight of one eye in the acid attack. CCTV footage of the attack has been released. It is clear from the scene that Sheeba approached the young man who was standing backwards and poured acid on his face.

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Sheeba and Arun meet through social media. It later fell in love. Arun tried to back away when he found out that the woman was married and a mother of two.

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Arun summoned to Adimali Acid (Acid) Was pouring. The woman, who went into hiding after that, was taken into custody from Murikkassery today (Custody). They were also injured when acid fell on them during the attack.

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