Acronis and New Cloud Sponsors Formula 1 Teams

The logo of the developer of backup systems Acronis appeared on the car of the Italian team Toro Rosso in the Hungarian Grand Prix last week. It was visible on the sides of the car and on the uniforms of the pilots and team members. Acronis spokeswoman Ekaterina Turtseva told Vedomosti that the company has signed a contract with Toro Rosso for several years. Toro Rosso President Franz Toast confirmed a “long-term partnership” with Acronis.

Turtseva does not disclose the amount and duration of the contract, referring to the terms of the agreement, and lists the terms of the termination of the contract: the departure of the Russian pilot Daniil Kvyat or Toast from the team. For the duration of the contract, the Acronis logo will be located in the same place as in the Hungarian race, she said.

And the XCDS logo is visible on the underside of the Ferrari cars. On its website, the Ferrari team presents it as a developer of office software with the Collabio Office product, XCDS offers similar products with similar logos to the Russian New Cloud Technologies (NOT). In the rules for the use of its products, London-based XCDS clarifies that its liability is limited to RUB 10,000. according to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Andrew Webb, the full namesake of the Executive Director of the Marussia F1 Team, is listed as its director in the UK registry of companies. Its main owner was an entrepreneur, former vice president of Rostelecom, Andrey Cheglakov. According to SPARK-Interfax, yesterday Cheglakov owned 59% of NOT.

Webb is a partner in promoting NOT’s products overseas, said company spokesman Liliana Pertenava. NOT has localized its products in English, localizes them in the Brazilian dialect of Portuguese and plans to complete the localization by the Brazilian Grand Prix on November 11-13, said the general director of NOT Dmitry Komissarov. In this way, he hopes to attract the attention of local partners and service providers.

The project gave us access to the business niche of motorsport fans. And there are big companies and entire states … I can’t count how many interesting contacts and contracts took place due to the fact that we crossed each other for the first time in the paddock.

Evgeny Kaspersky

Founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab

Pertenava explains the possibility of concluding a sponsorship contract with Webb and Cheglakov’s ties in Formula 1. She does not disclose the terms of the contract, saying only that the XCDS logo will be placed on Ferrari cars in the 2016 season. Ferrari spokesman Joan Marshall also did not disclose details of the contract with XCDS.

Turtseva and Pertenava clarify that their companies will have access to the teams’ paddocks. According to Eugene Kaspersky, the founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab (sponsored by Ferrari since 2012), this is useful for business (see sidebar). In an interview with Vedomosti in 2014, Luca di Montezemolo (then President of Ferrari) expressed confidence that thanks to the contract with Ferrari, the Kaspersky brand “became known in all over the world.”

Contracts with the top Formula 1 teams (including Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull), involving the placement of a small logo on significant elements of the car, are 3-5 million euros per year, says Oksana Kosachenko, the former commercial director of the Caterham F1 team. Less promoted teams (Kosachenko includes Toro Rosso) can place partners’ logos for 200,000-300,000 euros. She estimates the branding of the lower part of the side pontoons (the XCDS logo is placed there), where all the technical partners of the team are usually collected at about the same amount.

However, money rarely appears in contracts with tech companies: in the vast majority of cases, the team uses the products and developments of their sponsors, placing their logos on their cars in exchange for services, says Kosachenko. In October 2015, Kaspersky Lab signed the next sponsorship deal with Ferrari, a company spokesperson said. In addition, Ferrari uses its antivirus solutions. Sponsorship and technology partnership are two independent contracts, but, of course, to some extent one contract compensates for the cost of the other, said a representative of Kaspersky Lab.

Acronis will supply Toro Rosso with its cloud data protection solutions, Turtseva agrees. According to her, at each stage of the race, the team generates up to 700 GB of data, collecting information from the car’s sensors. These data are needed both during the race itself and after it to improve the car. XCDS is also currently in talks to supply products to the Ferrari team, says Pertenava.

An XCDS representative did not respond to Vedomosti’s request.



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