Action taken by Elon Musk – Employees are dissatisfied with the exploitation of labor!

Recently, Elon Musk announced via email that Twitter employees should work longer hours and stay in the office when necessary.

As a result, some Twitter employees voluntarily quit their jobs. But Musk remained steadfast in his stance. Due to this, it is now reported that he has converted some rooms in the Twitter headquarters so that the employees can sleep.

Ever since Musk bought Twitter, his name has been in the news almost every day for one reason or another.

Employees are dissatisfied

He announced last month that Twitter would require employees to work several hours a week. He also said that he is going to sleep at the Twitter headquarters located in San Francisco until everything is fixed in the Twitter company.

In this context, it has been reported in a famous international newspaper that the employees are dissatisfied with the arrangements made in some rooms in the office.

However, it seems that no information regarding this has been communicated to the employees. It is said that this arrangement may be for the employees who work very hard in the office.

Comfortable sleep

Action taken by Elon Musk - Employees are dissatisfied with the exploitation of labor!  |  Twitter Employees Sleeping Office Elon Musk Bed

A comfortable sleep is guaranteed in the rooms that have been converted into bedrooms, the message said. These rooms are reported to have not only mattresses and carpets but also tables and chairs.

Musk, who is serious about getting the hard work of his employees, is expected to see what kind of change he is going to bring to Twitter.

Recently, Twitter’s Head of Security, Esther Crawford, fell asleep in the office and went viral globally. Musk’s practice of exploiting employee labor has also been criticized.


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