Actions will be taken to prevent Nindavur region from flooding | Y. L. Sulaimalev

Director General, Department of Coastal Protection and Coastal Resources Management Engineer R.A.S. Ranavaka, (28) visited Nindavoor in the evening.

He went there on the invitation of VIL Sulaimalev, Deputy Secretary of Nindaur Pradeshiya Sabha.

The director also visited the Nindavoor area to review the ongoing inundation, to see the damage caused and to review the measures taken to prevent the inundation.

The coast of Nindaur region, which has been affected by coastal erosion for the past several years, intensified last month and caused massive damage. In this context, the Department of Coastal Protection and Coastal Resources Management is taking various measures to control sea erosion. Accelerate these measures and find a permanent solution to coastal erosion

To get it, the Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer of Nindavoor Pradeshiya Sabha made a lot of efforts.

After this, the Director General visited here.

Commenting here, Director General R.A.S. Ranavaka;

I observed the sea erosion in Nindavoor, which does not occur in any town in Sri Lanka. Local fishermen have also lost their livelihood due to this sea erosion. I could observe this during this visit. He said that permanent preventive measures will be taken for this problem.


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