activists place Marine Tondelier in the lead and shun the Jadot-Rousseau duel

Neither Jadot nor Rousseau, environmentalists mostly preferred Marine Tondelier, Saturday, November 26, during the first decentralized round of the European Ecology-The Greens Congress (EELV). Party members placed the municipal councilor of Hénin-Beaumont (Pas-de-Calais) in the lead, supported by the outgoing leadership, without quite giving her an absolute majority. It brings together 46.97% of the votes according to the partial results (90% of the regions stripped) published on Saturday evening, with a participation of around 50% among the 11,000 inserts. Behind her, come the texts supported by the two media figures of the party: first the lawyer Sophie Bussière, supported by Yannick Jadot, with 18.07% of the vote; then Lille municipal councilor Mélissa Camara, former spokesperson for Sandrine Rousseau, with 13.53%.

The Rousseauists had allied themselves with the historic left wing of the party, led in particular by Alain Coulombel. The latter had made nearly 22% at the last congress three years ago, but the alliance did not give him any momentum. On the contrary, even if the scattering of the political offer to the left of the party also played a role. This score is a sign that the « rousseauïsme » did not break through within EELV. “It’s weak, disappointing compared to what we could expectreacted Alain Coulombel. There was an analytical error in thinking that Sandrine Rousseau’s primary message was going to have such a dynamic effect within EELV. She listens to many networks outside the party, but she is less understood inside. »

Moreover, jadoism was not a carrier in this congress either. Yannick Jadot announces this weekend in the Sunday newspaper the launch of his political club, to “Get out of Twitter politics, which destroys democracy by reducing it to slogans and invective”. But the fact is that the members did not overwhelmingly support its trend. Three years ago, it had gathered 26%, much more than the 18% on Saturday.

“Skip Next”

Marine Tondelier therefore savors the end of this duel which she considered destructive: “Perhaps from the outside, we had the impression of being in the post-primary confrontation between Jadot and Rousseau. The reality of the party is not that, the majority of members want to move on. » She plans to call each of the other list heads to dial ” a cohesive team “with, she says, “people who agree on the project that we must build together”.

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