Actor And Director Padmakumar’s Viral Note About The New Zealand Resident Baiju Raju’s Death

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The video shared by director MB Padmakumar after participating in the funeral ceremony of Baiju Raju, a New Zealand expatriate who committed suicide by sharing a video on social media, is being discussed on social media. The director shared a video of the funeral ceremony as a letter to Baiju Raju.

Padmakumar says that his wife’s family insisted that they would not bring their daughter to give Baiju’s last kiss and the daughter came to meet her father through the intervention of the Men’s Rights Foundation, which stands for the rights of men. Read the full note.

Dear Baiju, I was one of the people you chose to say something to the world before the noose tightened around my neck for the last time. I came to your funeral today because I wanted to see you, whom I had never met. There was no large crowd in the courtyard.

If it had been the house of a woman who committed suicide due to the torture of her husband and her husband’s family, there would have been a sea of ​​people here today. It seemed to me that everyone was waiting for someone in the vicinity of that house, where the silence of death was hanging.

It was mentioned in the letter that you tried a lot to get a glimpse of your daughter, whom you raised with love as much as life for seven years, even when death called you close. Even when the noose was tightened that day, the desire to see her daughter remained hidden in her body.

I know that Baiju is lying in this rolling mobile morgue with that wish gone. Above my head I saw photos with my daughter. When you inquired, your wife and her family even insisted that they would not bring their daughter to you for the last time. But in the end why did they stop you from showing your daughter really hurt me Baiju. Not only me but everyone who was there.

Their argument is that the place where you are placed is full of conflict, and that the child will not be sent to a place of conflict, even if the child is scared. There was no conflict Baiju, didn’t I say there were only a few nice people. Like Baiju, everyone wanted to bring their daughter to your side and give them a last kiss on the cheek. Many took their feet, they did not agree, they complained to the police and gave up.

When you were frozen thinking that your daughter would come and give you a final kiss on the cheek, everyone was ready to wait with you until your daughter came. But they repeatedly said that they would not bring it. In the end, everyone was forced to send her back without seeing her. Your emaciated body was taken out and the priestly service began. Everyone gave you a final kiss with a beating heart.

I looked at your face and I saw the tears in the corners of your eyes. Everyone was crying their hearts out. At the appointed time, the pit is ready to cover your body with soil. Don’t you remember when people helplessly took you out and put you in the ambulance knowing that your daughter would not come and no one would bring you?

The mother and her friends insisting that the child will not be released, the relatives and friends who make the last effort to bring the child. Vashi reached the point where he won’t bring the child no matter what anyone says. And fight for your rights, not slander. There were some people in red banya. Men’s Right Foundation, MRF, is a group of men who have returned to their lives before becoming ensnared by women like Baiju.

They woke up where everyone had left. Called those who needed to be called and fought all aspects of the law. In the fight they fenced in front of the female’s Vashi. The arguments of the bosses who helped them were strongly blocked. Baiju began to loosen his hold on power.

Didn’t they take you out and put you in the ambulance, didn’t you wait there again, then didn’t you get ready to be sent to the church by some noises, as if they were breaking out, and then someone came running and said, “let’s go, my daughter is coming”.

They had to agree to deliver their daughter with the strong intervention of the Child Rights Commission and police superiors. You have won Baiju. Daughter comes to your side. The ambulance moved on the assurance that Baiju would reach her daughter near the six feet of soil where she had to end up.

A final service is being held for you in the church. I know you weren’t paying attention. He was in a hurry to see her. People are also waiting impatiently outside. Time is running out. Ananta Vihayas and earth below are waiting for you there.

The daughter is yet to arrive, and everyone’s heart skips a beat. Some command is issued from someone or somewhere. Why so many orders to bring a daughter to a father’s side? Why so many numbers? Oh you can’t speak so someone else is taking over your voice.

Finally a message came and none of us should see your daughter. Don’t show the world the last kiss a father gives to his daughter. Even the daughter will be scared. The bodies behind the camera are out. They didn’t understand that we had brought this much.

Well said we are not seeing our daughter. Finally they arrived. With your daughter under the protection of your wife’s relatives. We were kicked out and the church trustee stood guard. I wanted to see Baiju, but he didn’t show. Really put it off.

Let me ask you, did you know the kiss your daughter gave you? Did you experience it? Did daughter see you Baiju? Anyway, I saw that they took their daughter away immediately. You have traveled in a man-made ark to the corner of the earth where many people sleep. Everyone started back. There was a tea party in the church.

After drinking tea, everyone’s thirst and tiredness got over. I know that no matter what humans give you, your thirst will never be quenched. On the way back, I looked at Baiju’s house again. There was no one there. The mourning sign that was tied there is shaking in the wind.

That faceless poster you once took when you laughed is still there. But beyond, the bananas were swaying in the wind. It was raining. Will you be here in windy rain sunny snow? Let’s wait. Bye bye, we are coming back.

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