Actor Andrei Burkovsky announced his resignation from the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov

The 37-year-old Russian theater and film actor said on his Instagram page that he left the Moscow Art Theater named after A.P. Chekhov, into whose troupe he was admitted in 2014 even before graduating from the Moscow Art Theater School.

“I left my favorite theater. I want to say a huge thank you to the great Moscow Art Theater,” the actor wrote.

He also thanked all the “amazing people of the theater” and “dear Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov” for “incredible 10 years.

In the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov Burkovsky was engaged in such performances as “The Pickwick Club”, The Master and Margarita “,” Krechinsky’s Wedding “,” 350 Central Park West “,” Running “and many others. The wide audience knows the actor from the films” Doctor Lisa ” , “Kvnshiki”, TV series “Mediator”, “Kitchen” and others.

In the comments, subscribers noticed that Burkovsky did not say goodbye to the current artistic director of the theater, Sergei Zhenovach, and did not mention him. At the same time, Burkovsky did not make any statements about the reasons for leaving.



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