Actor Dhanush’s sudden divorce .. !! || Actor Dhanush’s sudden divorce .. !! Rajini parted ways with daughter Aishwarya

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Actor Dhanush has posted on his Twitter account that he is having an affair with Rajini’s daughter Aishwarya.

Record: January 18, 2022 00:35


Dhanush is a leading actor in Tamil cinema. Apart from Tamil films, he has also acted in Hindi films. She has also finished acting in a Hollywood film. He is currently acting in more films in Tamil.

In this context, the actor announced last night that he was divorcing Rajinikanth’s daughter and his wife Jaswarya.

The couple fell in love and got married in 2004. They have two sons, Yatra and Linga.

We have been traveling together as a couple and parents for the past 18 years, with Dhanush abruptly announcing last night that he was divorcing his wife. Currently Aishwarya and I have decided to split up on her path separately. “I urge everyone to respect our decision,” he said.

Actor Dhanush’s sudden divorce has caused a stir among fans and the Tamil film industry. No reason was given for the divorce. Aishwarya has issued a similar statement.

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