Actor Jérémy Gillet, chameleon in training

Actor Jérémy Gillet, chameleon in training

Those who had spotted his face as a young first in the role of Sam, the “fluid” teenager of the series myth (2019-2021, currently on Netflix), were probably blown away, in June 2022, by her very sure interpretation of Romain, Ovidie’s fictional alter ego in the dystopian series that the documentary filmmaker developed and produced for Canal+, Very ordinary people. “I was lucky, I arrived in ‘poof!’ mode. hello”… “, he says in front of a cappuccino, a cigarette rolled between two fingers. Jérémy Gillet exaggerates, but, under the casualness, points out the assurance of those who owe their journey only to themselves and, in his case, to a determination of an iron as icy as the blue of his eyes.

Before settling in Paris, Jérémy Gillet had known only the Belgian countryside, the surroundings of Waterloo and Namur, where he lived until he was 17 with parents not particularly inclined towards the arts and an older sister who became a neuropsychologist. The taste for the theater comes to him at school, very young, but the desire to play remains in a dream state for ten years. His parents, who were not “not fundamentally against”, insist that he finish his studies – at the time, he was thinking of cultural journalism, rather on the side of cinema – before leaving to try his luck in Paris. This horizon seems too distant to him, so the teenager registers for all the castings he finds on the Web. Ads, features… “It was a full-time job! »

It was at the age of 16, at the bend of a Parisian theater workshop, that he met a casting director and then his future agent. The roles on television follow one another, he passes in front of the camera of Déborah François to Black sheep, a short film presented at Cannes, and, in 2023, the actor will appear for the first time at the cinema in Stop with your lies the adaptation by Olivier Peyon of the novel of the same name by Philippe Besson (Julliard, 2017), whose theatrical release is scheduled for February 22.

Technical approach to the game

This does not prevent him from considering himself still, at 22, in training. Several times a week, he joins the ranks of the free class at Cours Florent, where he is in second year. He does not hide his taste for a technical approach to the game and would see himself on the boards as Peer Gynt, Ibsen’s wandering hero. “It’s easier to just be in movies and on TV, he thinks, because you are asked above all to be you. Except that the theater also attracts me a lot, and you can’t improvise yourself as a good actor. It takes anchoring, projection, diction. »

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