Actor Kannan Sagar Write Up About His Acting Life, Kannan Sagar’s post goes viral

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Even when he says that you can tap him on the shoulder, the Guru, who has done the non-mastered art in the past memory, will dance in front of the camera with prayers imitating the memory of equal artists. Life is the goal, isn’t it? He must go forward as an innocent man who can do what he can, without hurting anyone, without jealousy, as if he has achieved what he can, and as a person who cannot be replaced, who is free from hatred, who has no power of name, who suffocates with words of love.

Kannan Sagar wrote on Facebook, “What a wonderful world this is.”

Earlier, the actor had shared a post like this. In his words … ” Veterans reveal that they feel an awakening in the art world, where events begin to rise slightly, and my eyes fill with tears when I see small smiles and happy faces on the faces of some of the artist’s friends, because I, too, have so many elements of that scarcity, of the disease of financial hardship, of this low. Experienced well over time, met many veterans and shared comforts … The tight-fitting nature is mostly people in this area who are able to respond but rarely get into those things.

Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! Dear ones, nurture and encourage this group of innocent loving artists and artists by giving venues and giving a smile to the faces of their families. Happiness and jigsaw are written with hope, because we know their condition in all spheres, the pain of those minds and the excitement of life, ” – star on Facebook
Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! Beloved, nurture and encourage these innocent group of loving artists and performers, bless the venues and give a smile to the faces of their families.

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