Actor Luis Lorenzo and Arancha Palomino are left without a lawyer after the turn in their case

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2023-09-09 17:15:23

The lawyer who has defended Luis Lorenzo and Arancha Palomino since they were arrested last year for allegedly poison to death to her elderly aunt to keep her assets, has renounced the defense of the couple, as CASO ABIERTO, the investigation and events channel of Prensa Ibérica, has learned.

In a letter sent on September 6 to the investigating court number 9 of Arganda del Rey (Madrid), to which Caso Abierto has had access, the Asturian lawyer Francisco Perez Platas informs the judge investigating the death of María Isabel Suárez that he is leaving the case after issues have arisen “irreconcilable differences” with Lorenzo and Palomino.

The criminal lawyer asks the court to “urge” those who until now were his clients to appoint a new lawyer or, failing that, be assigned one ex officio.

The change occurs only two months after the case underwent a change with respect to what was happening, since the couple was directly pointed out as responsible for the death of Aunt Isabel. However, on June 23, two forensic doctors appointed by the judge leading the investigation concluded in a report that “there are no objective data” that the actor and his partner “poisoned the elderly woman with cadmium and manganese”, who died at the couple’s home on June 28, 2021.

Its results contradict those of the first autopsy carried out on the woman and the investigations of the Civil Guard. With these new results, Lorenzo and Palomino’s lawyer requested the file of the cause before the summer but the experts ruled in that sense after studying the toxicological analyzes.

These determined that the woman had cadmium and manganese concentrations in the blood (200 and 20 times respectively, above normal levels), and also the medical history of the deceased, after traces of four antipsychotic medications were also found in her body.

The experts explained to the judge that if the old woman had died from acute poisoning, “the woman’s body would present injuries to the respiratory and digestive tracts”, something that did not occur. Also chronic poisoning was ruled out (that they would have poisoned it little by little), because if so “remains of those two heavy metals should have been found in the hair, lungs, kidneys, liver, etc.”.

Their conclusions are relevant because they refute the key evidence that the accusation against Lorenzo and Palomino has supported until now – that is, the first autopsy that was performed on the victim – and they agree with the defense that Pérez Platas has led from the beginning.

Only a month after the actor and his partner were arrested, the lawyer already pointed out that his clients were innocent and that “there are scientific studies that could explain the presence of heavy metals in a woman’s body through processes that occur naturally after death.”

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