Actor Mohanlal will be the head of star organization Amma again, Reports | Mohanlal to head ‘Amma’ again; Jayasurya Joint Secretary, scrutiny completed

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It has been reported that Mohanlal will be elected unopposed as president, Edavela Babu as general secretary, Jayasuriya as joint secretary and Siddique as treasurer. If that happens, the Mohanlal-led governing council will be re-elected for a second term.


Interim Babu has been elected General Secretary for 21 consecutive years. Jayasuriya was a member of the Executive Committee of the previous Board. This time he became the Joint Secretary. Siddique, who was Joy’s secretary, became the treasurer this time. Meanwhile, actor Shammi Thilakan had earlier announced that he would be contesting the elections.


The petition was then submitted to contest. However, it is learned that the selectors rejected the petition as it was not signed. Elections are being held for two vice presidents and eleven executive members.


The panel has reportedly replaced Asha Sarath and Shweta Menon as vice-presidents. It is reported that Honeyrose, Lena, Manju Pillai and Rachana Narayanankutty are also members of the committee. The other members of the Executive Committee are Tovino Thomas, Unni Mukundan, Baburaj, Nivin Poly, Sudhir Karamana and Tini Tom.


Meanwhile, a post shared by actor Shammi Thilakan announcing that he is contesting the elections went viral on social media. We are the children of the mother; Shammi Thilakan made the announcement in a note beginning with ‘Father’. Today I too have given my nomination to contest in the office bearer election to be held on December 19 in ‘Amma’, the star organization ..!
He said in the note that some of the experiences I have had in the last few days reveal that my firm decision to contest has upset many.


Believing in man and humanity ..; Treating fellow human beings with contribution ..; Whoever makes a mistake, that mistake is wrong ..; Accepting that it is OK if done right ..; I am a communist thinker who has full faith in the Indian Constitution and legal system.


And that miracles’ help us invisibly. When I approached for support, some of my dear members sadly revealed that ‘some’ had threatened to call many members not to sign in support of Shammi Thilakan’s nomination.


Some ‘wanted’ returned helplessly without saying a word. Some said exceptions. Some people lamented, ‘Blanket … Blanket …’ Others said, “Shammi, you remember me” and expressed their gratitude for being approached and regretted not being able to help.


But no one should think that all ugly attempts will succeed forever. I got the signature, the support of friends, and I submitted the nomination. I submit the nomination only to remind you that ‘democratic consciousness’ is part of any organization.


I have a good feeling that no matter who ‘rejects’ me, the members of the backbone, the democratic mother and the public will not reject me ..! No one cares ..! No quarrel .. only a doubt .. have anyone seen the man …? ” There are two-legged animals ..;
Shepherds have to feed … Sometimes there are angels … There are devils … Only man and medicine are invisible..Human was not born from dust.- About Shammi Thilakan.

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