Actor Naresh, who was seen with actress Pavitra, was about to be beaten by his wife; Video

Naresh’s wife Ramya Raghupathi is about to hit cheripuri on Telugu actor Naresh and actress Pavitra Lokesh. Its footage is now circulating on social media. The incident took place in a hotel in Mysuru.

Ramya had reached the hotel where Naresh was staying on Sunday. The video shows Naresh and Pavitra going to the lift. Ramya tries to move forward and the female police intervenes and grabs her. Meanwhile, Naresh is seen backing away from the lift and taunting Ramya and whistling.

Ramya is Naresh’s third wife. There were rumors that Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh got married. But two days ago, Naresh had shared a video denying these allegations. Naresh had also said that Ramya is trying to take revenge on him for sending the divorce notice.


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