Actor Premkumar Open Ups About Sreenivasan comedy On The Honey Bee 2 Movie Location

Premkumar later told a joke that happened during the shooting of ‘Honeybee 2′. The shooting of Honeybee 2 started the day after demonetisation. On that day, the film was shot at Siddique Lal Chetan’s house. He fell asleep on the couch during break time after lunch. That too with snoring’.

‘I, Srinivasan Chetan and other people are there. That’s when Srinivasan Chetan looked at Lal Chetan and said. I have misunderstood this poor man.’

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At that time I asked my brother what was the matter. Then he said, the man did not have five paisa in his hand, if he had, this man would not have been snoring and sleeping like this. All of us mistakenly believed that this man had black money in his hands and that he was a big black money man.

‘That is the time when everyone rushes to launder the black money. In that case no one expected that counter from Srinivasan Chetan. “I have come to know many examples like this when I was with him,” said Premkumar.

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At the same time, what Premkumar shared on stage about famous actor Jagathy Sreekumar also gained attention among the audience.

“The biggest lesson he taught me was about tension. Jagathy Sreekumar told me to take only the tension in your own life. There is a limit to the amount of tension that every human being can take in a lifetime. He said that a man cannot bear the tension beyond that. This is the biggest lesson I have learned’, added Premkumar.

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Prem Kumar is an actor who has made the Malayalee audience laugh through many roles. Apart from playing comedy roles, Prem Kumar also acted as the lead in several hit films. He entered the acting field through serials in the nineties. Premkumar, who was active in the field of art and literature since his college days, has won many awards for his best acting. The awards came to him initially through drama.


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